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        Tourism and business travel has been growing exponentially over the last two years – but will that growth continue? How do fluctuations in this marketplace affect the hotel industry, the service industry, the aviation industry, and the shipping industry? In turn, if forecasts for the hotel industry shift, how will this affect the staffing industry?

        For the average marketer selling into the service industry, these are challenging, yet necessary, questions to answer. That's why First Research invented its Industry Profiles: to allow marketers gain valuable insight into the current state and future of the service industry, the aviation industry, and the staffing industry.

        In the past couple of years, there has been a steady increase in the number of people traveling, which has resulted in an upswing in business for the service industry, the shipping industry, and the staffing industry. Marketers targeting business involved in any of these marketplaces need accurate information that provides perspective on whether or not this growth will continue. That's why First Research provides Industry Profiles that give detailed, yet easy to understand, market analysis and forecasts that make selling into the hotel industry more effective. For example, our data includes in-depth company analysis that allows you to predict which aviation industry businesses will take off over the next few months and years.

        Give your sales professionals the information they need to effectively increase sales and ROI. First Research's tools are the best way to monitor and predict the path that the service industry and the aviation industry will take.

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        Services Industry Profiles currently available from First Research:

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