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        Retail market research is a tricky business. The retail industry – including the furniture industry, the apparel industry, and convenience stores -- experiences more fluctuations than perhaps any marketplace. Seasonal effects and the changing economy are market forces that tend to drive the success of the retail industry. The question is, how do you stay ahead of the game?

        The answer: through precise retail market research and analysis from First Research. We provide invaluable data that can help you maximize the effectiveness of your retail industry marketing campaigns, thereby driving sales and increasing ROI. For example, First Research's Industry Profiles offer detailed market forecasts for the apparel industry, arming you with insight on the latest consumer buying trends, and prepare you for what those trends may look like a year – or five years – from now. Likewise, our insight into the outlook for convenience stores can provide you with information on consumer purchasing patterns – valuable data that can help store owners stock their convenience stores, or third parties sell into convenience stores.

        First Research's easy to understand Industry Profiles are rich with detailed, yet user-friendly, retail market research. This powerful tool allows you to predict driving factors influencing the retail industry before they happen, thereby allowing you to anticipate changes in the industry and better tailor your marketing programs. Whether you're selling to convenience stores, the furniture industry, or others, First Research's Industry Profiles are the most effective means of getting to know the marketplace.

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